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Mobile phones on Tube? No thanks

Mobile phones will not be coming to a Tube train near you. At least not any time soon. That’s according to reports yesterday, which told of how plans to allow use of mobile in underground stations across London’s transport network have hit an indefinite hiatus. Apparently, the lack of a viable delivery strategy was what did for the proposals.

Here at Top 10 Mobile Phones we love mobile communication tools. Moreover, the more new ways they offer us to stay in touch the better, as far as we’re concerned. However, even we are cheered that the Tube will be remaining mobile-free.

The way we see it the majority of journeys one makes on the Tube are during the morning and evening rush hours. This means that if anyone is trying to get hold of you, it’ll most likely be your place of employment attempting to squeeze some more work out of you outside office hours. Who wants to be contactable in those circumstances?

Just as much a cause for celebration is that we now won’t have to listen to the inane conversations of young droogs shamelessly arranging drug deals and finishing with their girlfriend in possibly the most public space in the capital. Now, if only there was a limiter on playing music out loud on your phones, we’d be really happy. Over to you, Boris.

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