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Nokia fixes 5800 3G fault

Nokia has fixed the 3G connectivity problems experienced by US owners of its flagship 5800 XpressMusic handset.

This week it emerged that a number of US Nokia owners were experiencing problems with web browsing and downloading due to difficulty connecting to 3G networks.

In response, Nokia issued a statement in which it stressed that the problem was isolated to US 5800 owners and subsequently temporarily withdrew the mobile phone from sale.

However, a new message from Nokia has confirmed that the fault has now been fixed and that the handset will soon be sold online and in stores again.

A spokesman for Nokia said: "We have concluded this was an isolated situation related to a configuration change in the North American variant.

"We have now adjusted the configuration and will resume sales shortly."

The issues with 3G connectivity on AT&T followed reported problems with the 5800’s bundled earphones, which were said to let in moisture.

Nokia was forced to change supplier to address this problem.

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