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Windows Mobile set for update

The Windows Mobile interface for mobile phone handsets is to be given a high-fashion makeover.

In a bid to make mobile phones which run on the operating system more attractive, Microsoft has enlisted the services of a host of designers to work on improving the interface.

Windows phones which feature the revamped operating system will begin to arrive in stores during the second quarter of this year.

Among the luminaries who has been working on the new operating system is fashion guru Isaac Mizrahi.

Mr Mizrahi said: "Phones are just as much a fashion statement as the clothes you wear.

“As a designer, I'm excited to team up with Microsoft to bring forth fresh and funky new ways for people to make their Windows phones a part of their personality. Cast aside your old black phone and make this about colour and fun."

The remodelled interface is set to be unveiled at the CITA wireless expo on Thursday in Las Vegas.

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