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  5. Governments must heeds calls for light-touch regulation

Governments must heeds calls for light-touch regulation

There was more heartening news for the mobile phone industry today, with the release of a report that forecasts that the sector is “recession-proof”. According to the study from Analysys Moon, the fact that mobile phones are now “ingrained in the life of the average business [means] that the mobile phone industry will actually ride the recession reasonably well”.

The prediction comes after research conducted on behalf of a group of mobile phone industry players yielded similarly cheering results. The study revealed that 25 million jobs could be created by the sector if it gets the support and light-touch regulation that is needed to justify total investments of £500 million to roll out 3G networks.

The release of the Analsys report adds weight to the lobby group’s argument. We’d like to see their calls for greater government assistance answered. And if that means that the auction system used to designate spectrum is temporarily abandoned, so be it. In order to safeguard people's jobs in the short-term and promote growth in years to come, it is imperative that work on mobile broadband networks continues.

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