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HTC Magic now out on May 1st

UK mobile phone enthusiasts will now be able to get their hands on the HTC Magic from Friday – five days earlier than originally planned.

The Android-powered smartphone’s UK network carrier Vodafone had originally intended to launch the handset during April but was forced to postpone the release to May 5th due to a “last-minute hardware change”.

However, this setback appears to have been ironed out and the phone will now go on sale on May 1st.

Buyers can get the HTC Magic for free when they sign up for an 18-month contract priced at £35 per month as well as on £30 per month plans over 24-months.

Meanwhile, consumers who opt for an 18-month £30 per month deal will pay £195 for the phone, whilst those who sign up for £15, £20 or £25 per month plans are to be charged £293.

The HTC Magic will be the second phone employing Google’s operating system to be released in the UK after the T-Mobile G1 hit stores late last year.

It is now set to be followed by the I7500 from Samsung as well as as-yet-unnamed Android handsets from Sony Ericsson.

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