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  5. Liverpool FC mobile phone brings the bling

Liverpool FC mobile phone brings the bling

Following their untimely exit from the Champions League, Liverpool fans must be in need of a little retail therapy. But it’s unlikely that many of them have the best part of £15,000 to spend on the Liverpool-themed mobile phone that hit the headlines last week.

Manufactured by Galentia, the handset is a limited edition of 250 and is every bit as blingtastic as a gaggle of shopping bag-laden Wags leaving Cricket of a Saturday. Each features 18 diamonds to commemorate the club’s 18 league titles and is encased in either 18-carat yellow or rose gold.

Rather like the forthcoming Aura handset from Motorola, it’s what you call a trophy phone. But with the club looking increasingly like they’re going to end the season potless, we think it’ll be popular among the players if no-one else.

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