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  5. Titan Black LG Arena on offer now on T-Mobile

Titan Black LG Arena on offer now on T-Mobile

An exclusive Titan Black edition of the LG Arena smartphone is available now exclusively on T-Mobile.

The LG Arena Titan Black is on offer with a range of T-Mobile price plans, including the Combo 40 deal whereby buyers pay a monthly tariff of £36 over 18 months.

This entitles them to 1000 minutes and unlimited text messages to any network at any time.

Alternatively, a more flexible deal is available in the form of the Flext 40, which is also over 18 months with a monthly payment of £40.

T-Mobile customers opting for this deal get £225 of credit to use on calls, texts, picture messages, international calls and voicemail every month as well as free mobile internet.

The LG Arena was first unveiled to the public at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona in February, where it attracted attention for its sleek but robust form factor, five megapixel camera and fast downloads.

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