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  5. Vodafone taking pre-orders for HTC Magic

Vodafone taking pre-orders for HTC Magic

Vodafone is now taking pre-orders for the HTC Magic handset ahead of its release on May 5th, and has unveiled a special incentive for early adopters.

Consumers who order the Android-powered handset from the site or from Vodafone’s retail network and opt for a two-year contract will get the phone for free, as well as £5 off the £35 per month tariff.

This plan includes unlimited mobile internet use, 600 minutes of calls and unlimited texts every month. Vodafone is also supplying a free 2GB memory card to allow buyers to make the most of the phone’s array of functions.

As well as pre-loaded Google applications and the chance to download a host of third-party apps from the Android marketplace, the handset also offers a full Qwerty keyboard, a 3.2 megapixel camera, Wi-Fi and HSDPA support and an onboard media player.

The HTC Magic will be the second so-called Google phone to hit the UK after the T-Mobile G1.

Mobile phone industry experts expect the HTC Magic to mount a stiff challenge to the Palm Pre and the much-anticipated new edition of the Apple iPhone.

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