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Confused by your mobile phone? You’re not alone

In a poll conducted by Fonebank, six out of ten respondents admitted that they thought that handsets have too many functions. Apparently, in the eyes of consumers, not only does this make handsets tricksy to get the hang of but less reliable too.

Somewhat surprisingly given that the mean age of participants was between 18-35, features deemed to be surplus to requirements included cameras and MP3 players. These are it seems considered unnecessary fripperies by 30 per cent 45 per cent of the sample respectively.

Happily, however, if you don’t want or need a cutting-edge handset like the new iPhone 3G S or the forthcoming Nokia N97, there are plenty of more functional, practical mobile phones on offer.

Nokia 1208

Why not try the Nokia 1208 for instance? Available from Top 10 Mobile Phones for free from just £14.68 per month, it does the basic things you want from a handset – call quality, texting – brilliantly. And better yet, the use of one-touch keys makes accessing its menus as easy as 1-2-3.

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