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  5. Haranguing on the telephone - mobile ads cross the line

Haranguing on the telephone - mobile ads cross the line

Available to try now at west London’s Westfield mall, iPhone owners and those of us with selected rival handsets are able to harness Wi-Fi or 3G to manipulate objects around the screen. They're even able to make them change form and colour. Sounds like fun for, ooh, at least five minutes.

iPhone Interactive Ad

But for all our bluster, if we’re honest, we’re actually more than a little bit frightened by the idea of advertising finding new ways to worm its way into our day to day lives.

Most of all though we’re worried that if the CBS Outdoor and Clusta campaign is a success, they’ll be more like it. In turn, it'll pave the way for technology of the kind that appeared in Minority Report, where an amazingly intrusive Guinness ad directly addresses Tom Cruise’s character and says “"Hey, John, you look like you could use a Guinness!"

Call me old fashioned, but what was wrong with charmingly drawn ads that promised that Guinness is good for you?

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