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  5. sWaP planning 'game-changing watch phones'

sWaP planning 'game-changing watch phones'

sWaP planning 'game-changing watch phones'

Waterproof watch phones and more powerful, multi-functional models are due from newcomer sWaP in months to come, a spokesperson has revealed, as the manufacturer looks to capitalise on the burgeoning market for watch-shaped handsets.

After entering the mobile phone market late last year, sWaP has enjoyed considerable success thanks to its innovative sWaP watch phone, with demand for the handset is running at five times the firm's initial expectations.

The impressive sales for the sWaP (Smart Watch and Phone), coupled with the welter of interest in LG’s forthcoming LG GD910, suggests that watch phones could become one of the key trends in the mobile phone market for 2009. First announced amid much fanfare at the Mobile World Congress, the GD910 has been touted as the world’s smallest 3G mobile and is Bluetooth-enabled to allow users to converse without having to hold the phone to their head.

However, with LG yet to confirm a concrete UK release date for its phone, sWaP is already planning a host of new watch phones that promise to bring new functions to the sector of the market. In an exclusive interview with Top 10 Mobile Phones, the company revealed that these include a “very special model that will take the concept to a whole new level”. Also in development is a waterproof model, dubbed the Aqua H20, and designs targeted at particular demographics.


A spokesman for company said: “In the very near future, we will be launching additional products that are slimmer, lighter and much more watch-like in their presentation. Existing products will continue [to be manufactured], however fully waterproof sports-style models, alongside some stunning designer units, will be made available very soon.

“There will additionally be ladies and teenagers designs arriving later this year and a very special model that will take the concept to a whole new level. Much of the planning is confidential at this stage, however expect to see software and mechanical advances that add a new dimension to the versatility of mobile communications.”

According to sWaP, the exponential growth in demand for watch phones has little do with the public growing tired of conventional handset design and is instead chiefly being driven by a desire for “better and more convenient options”.

He explained: "The mobile phone as we know it will be around in its current form for a long time yet and it has many practical benefits. But what if you need to take your phone on holiday or out of the country on business and have the constant fear of losing it or possibly going swimming with the phone having been left in your pocket?

“These things happen all too often and as probably the most important means of communication we have at our disposal, security is a priority. Having your phone on the wrist answers most of these concerns. You can even go swimming with the waterproof sWaP model, the Aqua H2O.”

The first sWaP watch phone is currently available through Top 10 Mobile Phones from just £12.24 per month over a 24-month contract with O2. This entitles takers to a free mobile phone, as well as 400 minutes of talk time and 500 text messages per month.

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