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HTC Hero mobile phone delayed

HTC Hero mobile phone delayed

The HTC Hero mobile phone’s arrival looks likely to be delayed, leaving consumers with at least an extra week until they can get their hands on the cutting-edge Android phone.

Originally, the Hero was due to go on sale tomorrow (July 15th), but news sources and technology sites are now reporting that July 21st is the earliest date it will hit stores.

Neither manufacturer HTC nor the mobile’s exclusive UK network carriers Orange and T-Mobile, which is to re-brand the phone the T-Mobile G2 Touch, have clarified for the reason for the postponement.

Despite teething troubles with the launch, the Hero remains one of the most anticipated mobile phone releases of the year.

Features of the new handset include the latest edition of Google’s Android operating system, dubbed Android 2.0, and HSDPA support for fast downloads and web browsing.

The HTC Hero will also utilise HTC’s TouchFlo 3D user interface and looks likely to be the first-ever Android-powered pink mobile phone.

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