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Palm Pre breaking cover early?

It’s exactly this constituency who will be cock-a-hoop today at the news that Palm’s new mobile phone could now be set for a UK launch within a matter of weeks. The apparent confirmation for this is that Palm has called a press event for July 7th to unveil the phone. Previously, it was thought that the phone wasn't due to hit our shores until just before Christmas.


The decision to bring forward the release is indicative of the remarkable turnaround of circumstances for Palm. Thought to be ailing and on its last legs just a few months ago, the Pre has revitalized the PDA pioneer thanks to sales of 300,000 in the US alone.

Of course, that’s fairly small beer next to the iPhone’s unit sales of one million in three days. But the Lazarus-like performance of the Pre does at least suggest that Apple won’t have it all its own way this year.

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