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  5. Smoking hot lighter phone unearthed online

Smoking hot lighter phone unearthed online

Not so. Last month, we told you about a mobile shaped like a cigarette packet, which had a handy compartment for storing your cancer sticks. However, today we’ve unearthed a phone that goes one better in its appeal to bifter-fanciers.


The SB6309 Lighter Phone does exactly what it says on the tin. It’s a phone, sure, - albeit a pretty bog standard one by the looks of it. But nestled in the top rear of the handset is a cigarette lighter after the fashion of those that were standard in cars up until the 1990s.

Other details are currently thin on the ground – suggesting that this might yet be revealed to be a hoax. But having been picked up all over the interweb, if it is a fake it’s a very convincing one.

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