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  5. T-Mobile rebrands HTC Hero as G2 Touch

T-Mobile rebrands HTC Hero as G2 Touch

T-Mobile rebrands HTC Hero as G2 Touch

The HTC Hero Android mobile phone will be rebranded the T-Mobile G2 Touch when it appears on T-Mobile later this month, the phone network has announced.

A Tweet on T-Mobile’s official Twitter account first broke the news that the phone will go under a different name. This has since been confirmed by technology site TechRadar.

T-Mobile and Orange have signed exclusivity deals to sell the HTC Hero in the UK for a limited period. However, Orange is expected to retain the Hero product name.

The Hero is the third Android mobile phone to be manufactured by HTC, following the one million selling T-Mobile G1 and the similarly popular HTC Magic, which is solely available on Vodafone.

Stand-out features of the Hero include the latest, faster edition of the Android operating system, dubbed Android 2.0, HTC’s TouchFlo 3D user interface and HSDPA support for fast downloads.

Leaked photos of the new mobile phone also suggest that it will be available in a range of colour options.

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