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Toshiba TG01 landing imminently?

Toshiba TG01 landing imminently?

The Snapdragon-powered Toshiba TG01 is set to launch in seven days time, it has been reported.

The new mobile phone is the first handset to utilise the Qualcomm 1Ghz Snapdragon processor and will be unveiled at an official launch event on July 9th, according to technology site Pocket Lint.

Details of network partners, pricing and contracts have yet to be confirmed, but the fact that O2 is the phone's sole carrier in Germany suggests that it will be a strong favourite to add the TG01 to its portfolio of high profile handsets.

Already this year, O2 has secured the sole rights to sell the iPhone 3G S and is rumoured to be about to make an announcement regarding the Palm Pre.

As well as its impressive processing power, other standout features of the Toshiba TG01 include an impressively large 4.1-inch touchscreen display, a five megapixel camera and social networking application Nimbuzz pre-installed.

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