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  5. Nokia N97 Mini mobile phone sighted

Nokia N97 Mini mobile phone sighted

Nokia N97 Mini mobile phone sighted

A slimmed down version of the Nokia N97 has been sighted online, following months of speculation that a smaller edition of the company’s flagship mobile phone was imminent.

Rumours that a mini version of the Nokia N97 was under development initially surfaced a few months ago when a Vodafone employee dropped a hint about the phone on an official forum.

In the weeks since no news of any such mobile appeared, prompting many high-end mobile phone fans and industry experts to question the veracity of his posting and conclude that the handset was a hoax.

These doubts have now been quashed, however, by pictures uncovered by Engadget that show the smaller edition of the phone alongside its larger predecessor. These reveal that the phone is around 20 per cent smaller than the original edition.

Specifications of the N97 Mini have yet to be confirmed, but there are a number of noticeable cosmetic alterations, including the removal of the sliding cover for the built in camera.

Nokia has also done away with the D-Pad with which N97 users are able to access the handset’s functions.

The original edition of the N97 is available now and features a 3.5-inch touchscreen, native support for the Ovi store and Skype, a widget-based homescreen to allow users to customise their handset layout and an impressive 32GB on onboard memory.

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