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Halloween iFun on the 3G S

Former head of the British Board of Film Classification Jim Furman famously described the horror movie Driller Killer as a ‘nasty little shocker’. He might just as easily have been talking about the legendary Scary Maze app.

In case you're never had the pleasure, the app’s USP is that it initially appears to be a harmless Marble Madness clone. Like this:

Scary Maze

Not so scary is it? Sure, it isn't. Until midway through the final level Regan out of the Exorcist appears at the screen and screams blue bloody murder, frightening the beejeezus out of anyone playing.


Before you go getting your scare on, we've just one caveat: Don’t try it with any kids below eight. Unless, that is, you want them to explaining it to a psychiatrist 20 years down the track.

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