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Nokia N920 mobile phone leaked online?

Nokia N920 mobile phone leaked online?

Pictures of what appears to be a follow-up to the Nokia N900 mobile phone have leaked online on

Apparently dubbed the N920, snaps of the mobile phone suggest that Nokia have dispensed with the QWERTY keyboard that featured on the N900 in favour of a fully touchscreen, multi-touch user interface.

The handset, which is thought to run on Nokia’s Linux variant Maemo 6, will also be home to an ARM Cortex A8 processor and features HSDPA support for fast web browsing, a five megapixel camera and GPS.

To enable users to make the most of the phone, the N920 will reportedly be equipped with 32GB of internal memory with scope to boost this further by adding a microSD card.

The N900 is expected to land on UK networks in a matter of weeks and is one of a number of handsets due from Nokia in the last quarter of 2009, as it looks to bounce back from its recent downbeat financial performance.

This week the Finnish company announced a loss of £838 million for the period from July to September, marking the first time it has recorded a quarterly loss this decade.

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