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  5. App challenge announced to help promote Samsung store

App challenge announced to help promote Samsung store

App challenge announced to help promote Samsung store

Nearly £200,000 in prize money is up for grabs in a competition launched by Samsung in order to kick start its own app sales platform for its new range of smartphone handsets.

Apple's own store has benefited from the huge number of independent developers who have been producing high quality applications for the iPhone since its inception and Samsung realises that the key to the success of its new retail platform is a loyal base of creative groups with a vested interest in the Samsung range.

There are many individual categories and cash prizes for winning applications, although the two main prizes of over £60,000 are going to be the most hotly contested of them all.

Hopeful developers will need to sign up to sell applications from the Samsung Application Store in order to qualify for entry and the apps need to be either in English or Italian to be eligible.

Interestingly the apps will need to be aimed at the Windows Mobile platform which is used by several of Samsung's mobile phones, including the new Samsung Omnia 2.

This is of particular interest as Samsung may well be opting to back different mobile operating systems in the future and the limitations and pitfalls of Windows Mobile are well known in the mobile community.

Although the iPhone has proven to be an extremely successful platform on which budding developers can launch their apps, it has been very difficult to actually make any money from the store.

Even the most popular applications are not capable of making the developers' fortunes and it is Apple who is always the winner.

In the light of this, Samsung's offer is pretty generous. On top of the main prize money, the winners will also enter into a distribution deal with Samsung which could prove to be extremely lucrative if the app store takes off.

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