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Bootleg Jacko phone surfaces online

Unearthed by the good folks at Mashable, the mobile is encrusted with plasticky diamonds and a blinding gold fascia featuring a facsimile of Jacko’s army surplus stage garb. It also apparently comes with a live DVD, but, we're predicting, most probably won't have address details for John Landis and Quincy Jones stored in the contacts book.

MJ mobile phone

Given the lavish video budgets and appetite for conspicuous consumption that the King of Pop was famed for, we’d have to say that this makes a pretty apt tribute.

Alas, there are no plans to release it in the UK and a quick eBay search was fruitless. So if you want one you'll need to head China-wards. And that's a long way to moonwalk even for the famously devoted fans that Jackson attracts.

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