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Mobile site TV ad banned

Mobile site TV ad banned

A television advert promoting the services of has been pulled from the airwaves after complaints were made to the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA).

The advert claimed that the site in question would purchase any old mobile phone and that up to £200 would be given in exchange. Viewers were encouraged to turn their old handsets into cash, which is an attractive proposition for anyone who upgrades regularly.

A consumer made a complaint to the ASA after seeing the ad and attempting to exchange an old phone for cash. Upon visiting the website it became clear that not every mobile phone would be bought by the company despite claims to the contrary made in the advert.

Because of the inaccuracy of the claims, the ASA ordered the advert to be removed from broadcasts so that it could not mislead anyone else.

A spokesperson for the defended the advert, claiming that over 900 different types of phone would be bought by the business.

There was apparently no intention of deliberately misleading anyone and it was also made clear that the site owners did not consider the advert to be particularly problematic.

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