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Nokia & Diplo mash up: a marriage made in mobile heaven

If you’ve even a passing interest in dance music, you’ll surely have already heard the arch beat-mangler’s hit Hold the Line. But in case you’re not familiar with it, you need to know that it’s one of the year’s most thrilling tunes. But don't take my word it. Have a listen for yourself:

More interestingly, however ,from a super-geeky mobile communications point of view is the track's hooky lyric wherein guest vocalist Mr Lex pledges that he’ll “make us jam, vibrate like a Nokia”.

If there’s ever been a funnier endorsement of Nokia products, we’ve yet to hear it. From the consumer’s perspective, it works because it doesn’t feel shoehorned into the song. Not least because the comparison between Nokia phones’ legendarily earth-moving vibrate function and the speaker-quaking dancehall riddims of the song is incredibly apt.

Nokia must’ve been rubbing their hands when they heard the song. Not only does it align their company with a great record and achingly hip dance sub-culture. But it would’ve cost them nothing to boot.

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