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Nokia recalls faulty mobile chargers

Nokia recalls faulty mobile chargers

Mobile manufacturing giant Nokia, which enjoys close to 40% market share in today's mobile phone market, has had to recall thousands of mobile phone chargers sold between April 13th and October 25th 2009.

The affected units are hazardous because the plastic covering which houses the internal components could come loose and expose the user to dangerous electrical currents.

The result of the failure of the device would be a potentially fatal electric shock, which has understandably given rise to consumer concern.

According to the Nokia website, the affected units were produced by third party manufacturer BYD. The affected models will have the code AC-3U, AC-3E or AC-4U displayed in the top right corner of their information label.

The name of the manufacturer should also be clearly visible on the label. Detailed diagrams and help can be found on the Nokia website.

The faulty chargers may have been sold to customers as part of a new phone bundle, or may have been purchased separately as a replacement for an older device. As such, the number of people affected could be considerable and all Nokia customers are urged to check their chargers if they were purchased within the affected time period.

Nokia-branded chargers produced by other manufacturers, or those purchased outside of the designated problem period remain unaffected and can be used safely.

Customers who have unknowingly purchased the faulty chargers are of course eligible for a free replacement as part of Nokia's charger exchange program. You will need to visit the Nokia website if you are affected, wherein you can order your replacement. Information including the model number and an identification number, both of which can be found on the faulty chargers, will be needed before the exchange can take place.

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