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Palm Pixi gets pre-release price cut

According to online sources, retailers Amazon and the US giant Walmart will be selling the new Palm Pixi for a little over £15 when it is purchased as part of a 24 month contract, which could see it enter the UK market at an equally low price point.

Although the Palm Pre is currently available in the UK on O2, the Pixi is set to bring the multitasking capabilities of its webOS platform to the masses if the retail price continues to fall at the current rate.

There has been a significant buzz surrounding the Pre and the webOS software, which many believe to provide a superior user experience than most other smartphones and the Pixi will boast the same software functionality.

There is every likelihood that the Pixi, which features a 2.6 inch touchscreen and a full QWERTY keypad, will be available free as part of a contract by the time it reaches UK shores, although with the current rate of exchange, UK customers may still end up paying a bit more in the long run.

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