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Palm Pre gets firmware upgrade

Palm Pre gets firmware upgrade

Owners of the Palm Pre will be able to upgrade their phone's software thanks to version 1.3.1 of the webOS firmware becoming available.

After a warm reception on its initial release, the Pre's functionality will be further expanded with the inclusion of Yahoo! and LinkedIN compatibility.

Other improvements expected in the upgrade will focus on the way in which contacts are sorted, stored and accessed, as well as significant enhancements to the calendar functions.

The business credentials of webOS will increase with support for popular email clients including GMail.

The social networking aspect of the Pre is also upgraded, with the Facebook app now running significantly faster and benefiting from an improved interface and menu system.

Users should be able to download the update to their mobile phones automatically and European customers will be able to enjoy the new, improved version of the already excellent webOS very soon indeed.

The release of the new firmware has been positively greeted by industry commentators.

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