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Windows Mobile 6.5 gets UI update

Windows Mobile 6.5 gets UI update

Microsoft may be looking to silence critics of Windows Mobile 6.5 when they release the Second Edition of the operating system, aiming to change and improve the interface.

Images have appeared online from an apparently genuine Microsoft source showing the updated interface, although there has been no officially sanctioned information released.

Most manufacturers that produce touchscreen Windows Mobile handsets resort to building their own in-house interface to put on top of Microsoft's UI, with HTC's TouchFlo and Samsung's TouchWiz being two examples.

Windows Mobile 6.5 was criticised for employing fiddly touch controls and the use of often rigid menu systems which made it difficult for users to customise their phone and interact with its various software features.

According to the source, the new version will not be made available to all Windows Mobile 6.5 users as an update, but is rather intended to act as an alternative version of the platform for use on mobile phones which use capacitive rather than resistive touch screen technology.

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