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Xobni application gets more coverage at BDC

The BlackBerry Developers Conference has been the focus of considerable interest over the last week, with various announcements whetting the appetites of fans of the brand that has become synonymous with business and mobile email.

The much-anticipated mobile iteration of the Outlook plug-in Xobni was one particularly significant highlight and several new features were unveiled to conference delegates.

The purpose of Xobni is to filter and organise your contact list and emails within your account in seconds. It will use intelligent algorithms to quickly privilege emails from those correspondents with whom you most frequently swap messages. This feature is called Xobni Rank and according to the developers will organise your emails based on the intensity and relevance of your relationship.

Xobnia Blackberry 2

Contacts with the same first name will be stored together, but those with whom you regularly correspond will float to the top of the pile, whilst sporadic contacts will sink lower down.

In practice this will make using the email service on your BlackBerry far easier. Since many businesspeople use their BlackBerry as their main communications device, any improvement to this vital service should be greeted with delight.

Xobni has been in development for some time and it is expected that in the run-up to its launch in early 2010, considerably more detailed information as to its functions and features will surface.

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