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App stores 'set to explode in 2010'

App stores 'set to explode in 2010'

Mobile phone application markets are set to explode this year, analysts predict, with growth set to be especially strong for Android software.

In its latest report into sector trends, IDC forecasts that the number of apps available at Android Market will quintuple.

Meanwhile, the range of software on sale at the iPhone App Store is set to triple. Should this transpire, it would bring app numbers for Apple mobile phones to around 300,000.

A statement from IDC said that the massive expansion will make 2010 “a watershed year” for mobile devices as strategic platforms for commercial and enterprise developers.

News of the company’s forecasts comes as recent weeks have been marked by the arrival of a number of long-awaited apps for Android mobiles and the iPhone.

These have included the iPhone Photoshop application, which offers a range of photo effects and editing tools, and a revamped app for Xbox Live which teams social networking with online gaming.

Meanwhile, Android phone owners have been treated to a Navigon GPS app and a file sharing application from T-Mobile.

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