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  5. Green campaigners push for mobile warning label

Green campaigners push for mobile warning label

Green campaigners push for mobile warning label

Ongoing studies into the environmental impact of mobile phone use are turning up new evidence as to their potentially damaging components which can be harmful to the environment and to people if they are misused. Several cities and councils are investigating the possibility of introducing warning labels on new mobiles.

The chemical substances contained within batteries used by modern mobile phones are hazardous and statistics show that mobile phones are starting to take up a significant proportion of waste recycling resources when they are no longer of use.

If a mobile phone is improperly disposed of, these chemical agents seep into the soil and eventually end up in our drinking water. As a result, the government and recycling campaigners are aiming to alert more members of the public as to the dangers presented by the poor disposal of mobiles.

Warning labels on mobiles in the future could potentially detail the precise levels of any harmful chemicals contained within and the damage that these could do if not correctly handled and disposed of. Some are also debating as to whether to include details of the level of radiation emitted by mobiles on the labels and others are considering an attempt to ban the advertising of mobile phones to young children who are considered to be most at risk from the radiation.

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