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LG Arena Max mobile phone unearthed

LG Arena Max mobile phone unearthed

LG is preparing for the launch of a new phone in the Arena range, boasting a market-leading camera and a massive touchscreen.

Apparently titled the LG Arena Max, the new mobile packs in a 12 megapixel camera and an impressively large five-inch screen. Super-fast web browsing is also on offer, as well as Wi-Fi support.

LG has yet to confirm further details or a release date for the Arena Max, but reports suggest that it is currently undergoing Wi-Fi testing – suggesting that it is already fairly advanced on its path to market.

According to the Wi-Fi Alliance, which first broke news of the upcoming mobile, it is likely that the phone will shun some of the more vogueish smartphone operating systems, such as Android and Windows Mobile, in favour of a lower-end platform.

Today also saw the unveiling of another forthcoming LG smartphone, in the form of the eXpo.

Scheduled to go on sale in the US on December 7th, the handset is home to a powerful 1GHz Snapdragon processor and an optional projector.

A rebranded version of the eXpo is expected to arrive in the UK at some stage during the first quarter of 2010.

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