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Microsoft's Bing hits iPhone

Microsoft's Bing hits iPhone

Having already been released on both Windows Mobile and BlackBerry smartphone platforms, Microsoft's search engine Bing has finally become available to download from the App Store for iPhone owners.

As with most releases from major developers, Bing is free to download and use and it integrates the latest search features including voice recognition and location-based service searching.

The voice searching is intended to make finding locations using the map much easier, although it will also be compatible with the standard search function.

A recent Microsoft blog post outlined the capabilities of the location-based search built into the new Bing app.

Users will be able to search for local services and retailers and Bing will even be able to provide them with directions once they have made their choice, with guidance for both pedestrians and drivers.

The capacitive touch interface of the iPhone has been harnessed by the Bing app to provide effortless navigation when following directions and simple zooming capabilities when using the map.

The Bing app has a tabbed interface with quick access to its main functions and its menu screen will also display an image of the day.

The Bing search engine has been struggling to compete with Google, but observers predict that by creating versions of Bing for portable devices and desktop systems it may be in with a chance of gaining a loyal following.

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