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Mobile phone thefts surging at gigs

According to detectives from the Met, some of London’s most prestigious venues are being targeted by gangs of pickpockets. What’s more, so bad has the problem become that at the recent reunions concerts from the Specials, 50 phones were purloined over two nights.

Apparently, gigs have become the new favoured spot for pickpockets because the crowds provide them with ample cover for their nefarious activities. Factor in the fact that the audiences these days brazenly display their phones throughout the gig when taking pictures, and it’s hard to think of somewhere where consumers are more vulnerable.

Now thats what I call Security

Perhaps unsurprisingly, its high-end mobiles that the thieves are targeting – not least because some have resale value in Eastern Europe of up to £1,000.

If you’re a regular gig-goer and own, for instance an iPhone or a BlackBerry, we suggest that now might be the time to consider taking out phone insurance. Or better yet, for one night only, dig out your battered, old mobile and take that with you instead.

My phone was stolen a few years ago while waiting for a night bus. And I can report that few things have ever given me as much satisfaction as palming the thieves off with a wheezing, spluttering old Nokia that I’d brought out with me for just such an eventuality.

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