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  5. Nokia N97 is most recycled smartphone

Nokia N97 is most recycled smartphone

Nokia N97 is most recycled smartphone

A mobile phone recycling site has divulged figures which show that the Nokia N97 is the only modern smartphone in the top 20 most frequently recycled phones.

The 18 month old iPhone 3G just misses out on the top 20, although the newer iPhone 3Gs is nowhere to be seen in the top 50.

Mobiles running the Google Android operating system are also being retained by customers, joining the iPhone 3Gs well outside the top 50.

Despite some mediocre reviews it seems that most customers are selling the N97 because it is retaining its value well, months after its first release. This suggests that people are not dissatisfied with the mobile, but are instead looking to make a quick sale to get some cash.

A spokesperson for the site that ran the survey said that most mobile phones maintain a fairly consistent price for up to a year after their release, but that new models in a range could drastically reduce the price of some phones within this time frame. Some Nokia mobiles are able to buck the trend of depreciation, with the two year old N95 still fetching an impressive £119.

Many smartphone manufacturers will see their handsets hold their value over longer periods, although the likes of Motorola, which caters to the lower end of the market with the majority of its products, will see its phones dip in value on the recycling market over a shorter period.

This kind of value tracking is leading into a new range of mobile phone price comparison sites aimed at attracting users who wish to sell their phones at the best price, with the sites comparing the values set by different recycling firms.

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