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TV based Twitter app released

TV based Twitter app released

Endemol, the firm that is behind reality show Big Brother amongst others, has launched a new mobile app called 'Twemote' for the iPhone.

Twemote, which is also available as a web-based application for PC users, allows those with a Twitter account to tweet as they are watching a particular TV show, easily sharing their opinions and giving the access to the views of others on the social networking site.

Twemote will allow you to automatically scan the TV listings for the show on which you wish to comment and once you have selected it, the app will automatically apply the correct hash tag so that you can tweet without having to think too much. All of the Freeview and subscription digital channels are included, so there is no limit as to the topics you can cover using the app.

Users of the app will also be able to filter tweets based on particular shows or only view those tweets that their friends have posted.

Twemote will be heavily marketed in the run up to the final series of Big Brother which is set to air on Channel 4 next year. The app is available to download now for free from the App store, or alternatively you can go online using your PC and synchronise your Twitter and Twemote accounts for some TV-based tweeting.

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