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  5. Cloud-based apps to rake in billions

Cloud-based apps to rake in billions

Cloud-based apps to rake in billions

A report from Juniper Research has estimated that by 2014 mobile apps that take advantage of cloud computing will be generating revenues in excess of £5.9 billion.

The proliferation and integration of mobile broadband technology into the latest mobile phones is believed to be an important facet in the continued growth of cloud-based software products and with HTML5 and advanced server technology becoming more widespread, vast amounts of money are set to pour into the industry.

If you are expecting better access to gaming and entertainment as a result of this growth, you are likely to be a little disappointed. Juniper says that the majority of the app will be targeted at business users and corporations.

In the long term, however, social networking and gaming could well be supported by cloud computing for mobile users and advertising revenues generated by subscription-based services will contribute to its growth in the consumer market.

Cloud vendors looking to expand into the mobile market are urged by the author of the report to take a serious look at the security of their platforms before they extend their services to a wider audience.

Data loss and the threat of personal information being compromised could damage mobile cloud apps before they have even been given a chance to get off the ground and transparency is being called for in order to generate trust in the technology and in those who provide it.

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