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HTC Legend spotted

HTC Legend spotted

Pictures of the HTC Legend have arrived simultaneously with new images of the Bravo, although it is the former that holds the most interest because of its impressive unibody aluminium construction which makes it look a little like one of Apple's products.

The HTC Legend is rumoured to feature the Android OS, a five megapixel camera and an AMOLED screen similar to that of the Nexus One and the Bravo.

It will also feature the same optical navigation pad as the Bravo and is said to resemble a scaled-down Hero.

These rumours may seem a little speculative, but the person providing them has been able to back them up with pictures, suggesting that they are a real insider with decent access to HTC's currently unreleased smartphones.

This lends a fair degree of credibility to the specifications that are flying around at the moment.

The HTC Legend would be a welcome addition to the market if the finished product comes equipped with the stunning metal shell, so we can only hope that HTC does not fall at the final hurdle with this one.

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