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Kickstand added to HTC HD2

Kickstand added to HTC HD2

With its 4.3 inch screen and 1GHz processor, the HTC HD2 is not particularly economical when it comes to battery life, but HTC has just launched a new long-life battery and a replacement cover that adds in a convenient kick stand.

The new battery doubles the amount of time for which you can use the HD2, with HTC claiming that you can play back high quality video for 9 hours on the trot without needing to find a mains socket.

This means resting the HD2 on a table when you are on the train using the kickstand will keep your hands from getting achy and allow for extended viewing periods.

The one drawback to the new battery cover is that it protrudes slightly more than the original, although since the HD2 is an incredibly slim device, this added bulk does not really have too much of an impact.

The replacement battery for the HTC HD2 will arrive in February and will cost a little over £50 here in the UK.

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