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Modders bring Spotify to N900

Modders bring Spotify to N900

Although an official version of Spotify for the Maemo 5 software platform is not planned, owners of the Nokia N900 can now enjoy all of the music streaming they can handle thanks to an independent software wizard who has adapted the app to run on Nokia's flagship smartphone.

The app has been compiled from unauthorised libraries by a coding expert called Eskil and although the homebrew app lacks the polish of the official release, it provides much the same functionality.

You will only be able to make use of the app on the N900 if you have a premium paid-for subscription to Spotify and will only be able to stream music while your mobile is connected via 3G or Wi-Fi, as offline playback is not currently possible.

Spotify is currently not being developed for the Maemo 5 platform and official sources have said that there is no intention of ever making Spotify available for the N900.

However, if you have a fairly good knowledge of coding, a premium account with Spotify and an N900 then this natty third party app might just float your boat.

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