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Nokia forecasts sales boost in 2010

Nokia forecasts sales boost in 2010

According to Nokia executive Rick Simonson, the firm expects to sell more phones than most analysts have predicted in 2010, retaining its current 40 per cent stake in the global market and providing around 500 million people with brand new mobiles in the process.

Mr Simonson told an Indian newspaper about the predictions, which came after a poll by Reuters found that most believed Nokia would sell 458 million mobile phones in 2010, up 34 million from 2009.

A spokesperson for Nokia confirmed that Mr Simonson was using figures gathered by Nokia in December 2009, when it predicted that the mobile market would grow by 10 per cent in 2010 and that Nokia would continue to hold a dominant share of the enlarged market.

Nokia's share price, which had been hit by the recession and competition from rival manufacturers, rose three per cent in reaction to Mr Simonson's comments.

In the interview, he also suggested that the market could not sustain the various different mobile operating systems that were currently in use by various manufacturers. He would deem the maximum viable number of different platforms to be four or five and confirmed that Nokia itself will be producing phones based on 3 different software systems in 2010.

Mr Simonson said that smaller firms who developed their own operating platforms would have trouble competing in a market that is entirely governed by scale rather than technical prowess.

He cited the example of Palm's webOS, which has been well received by critics, but has a one per cent market share that could mean a growth spurt may never come.

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