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Nokia live music app released

Nokia live music app released

The Gig Finder app, that Nokia has just launched, is aiming to help fans of live music and events get tickets to the latest and greatest gigs with ease.

The Gig Finder app is compatible with all Nokia smartphones using the Symbian S60 operating system, which includes popular mobiles such as the 5800 XpressMusic and the N97.

You can order tickets to gigs as soon as they go on sale many months in advance of the actual event and after making a few purchases the app will automatically recommend other artists and gigs that you might enjoy.

You will need to set a primary location at which you are based and from which you will be visiting gigs and you can also search through the listings with modifiers including date and artist keeping the results to your own tastes.

If you suddenly discover an artist that you think you may enjoy, the app will provide you with a link to download some of their tracks from Nokia Music.

Nokia has even integrated aids for finding your way to the venue, or sharing the details of your big night out on your social networking site of choice.

The Gig Finder app is currently in its beta testing stage, so feedback will be beneficial to help iron out any issues before the official release.

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