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Palm pins sales hopes on webOS

Palm pins sales hopes on webOS

Jon Rubinstein, Chief Executive Officer of smartphone manufacturer Palm, has highlighted his plans to market the webOS platform and the Pre and Pixi mobile phones to the average consumer.

Mr Rubinstein, who used to work for Steve Jobs at Apple, said that he had no desire to copy the iPhone in order to capture a larger market share, claiming that the Pre would make its own way in the world.

He was also slightly dismissive of Google, hinting that the Android platform and the Nexus One phone are aimed at a small group of gadget lovers as opposed to at the general public.

This year is going to be crucial in proving that Palm is able to compete with Apple, Nokia and BlackBerry manufacturer Research in Motion in the smartphone market. It will be looking to expand on its global market share of two per cent over the next 12 months and Mr Rubinstein believes that selling consumers the webOS software platform is going to help achieve this goal.

Mr Rubinstein also believes that he and his colleagues have created the building blocks of something great with webOS, but indicates that they need more time to make the software and hardware products produced under the Palm brand a feature of the mainstream market.

It is possible that the future of the webOS software could lie not in Palm exclusivity, but in licensing. While Mr Rubinstein would not be drawn as to whether any potential partners for such a scheme had been in contact, he did confirm that his company was interested in the idea of licensing its platform.

It is clear that Palm's CEO is aware of the steep climb facing his firm over the coming months, although he appears confident that the products and platform are more than capable of winning fans; it is just a case of building the customer base and spreading the word.

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