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Portable publishing possible with new iPhone app

Portable publishing possible with new iPhone app

An application that allows aspiring authors to publish their sudden flashes of inspiration from virtually anywhere using the iPhone has been released.

The FastPencil app is free to download and use and gives users the ability to read, write and edit the work published on the FastPencil hosting platform. There is a whole community of creative types working together to help each other develop their work and the new app lets you take this all with you wherever you go.

The app is a great organisational tool that allows you to systematically store your updates and additions to any current projects, as well as allowing for collaboration between critics, editors and authors in a single space.

FastPencil's Chief Executive Officer Steve Wilson said that the mobile version of the service would allow brilliant ideas that occur randomly throughout the day to be easily harvested without the need for a PC or a notepad.

FastPencil can be thought of as a kind of social networking site for authors. It helps them with the publishing of their work and aims to actually generate an income for them in the harsh world of publishing, as well as being a tool for collecting useful business contacts.

FastPencil even has deals set up with thousands of eBook retailers, so getting your work out there for the book-hungry public to enjoy could not be easier.

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