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  5. webOS update for European Palm Pre Owners

webOS update for European Palm Pre Owners

webOS update for European Palm Pre Owners

A firmware update for the Palm Pre has been launched by Palm for customers around Europe. The update actually includes two significant software enhancements combined together in a single package.

Downloading applications using the Palm App Catalogue should be made a far more user-friendly experience thanks to the update, with new features allowing downloads to be put on hold and resumed at a more convenient point in time.

Pre owners will also have a larger say as to how the internal storage of the Pre is allocated, with multiple downloads running simultaneously and a more flexible system for the storage of apps.

Searching the apps available on the App Catalogue has also been given some attention and small improvements to the basics such as the calendar and mailing functions make the Pre even more impressive than it was to begin with.

Palm has been able to make the operating system perform more efficiently, which results in better battery life and with the update you can download any further firmware over a 2G connection as well as via 3G, which compensates for the patchy availability of 3G in some areas.

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