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App giveaway begins

App giveaway begins

Over one thousand apps are being given away via promotional codes in order to generate interest in the 2009 Best App Ever Awards.

Developers who have been nominated in the various categories have been encouraged to make their applications available for free to a few select iTunes users in the USA.

In this way everyone who has a look-in at the contest will have their potential market increased, so it really is the taking part rather than the winning that makes all of the difference.

Various apps will be made available free of charge, including Navigon's GPS app and products from developers such as Bolt Creative, Taito, Illusion Labs, Appigo and others.

Users are being encouraged to visit the competition website, where they can sign up for a chance to win the app of their choice. Winners are selected randomly every day while the contest is under way.

Although the apps are being made available for free via promotional code, the people who do get lucky are set to be encouraged to pass on the RRP of the app to the Haiti disaster fund, with the event's organisers saying that this could raise a minimum of £3200.

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