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Is the HTC Scorpion a Nexus One-beater?

Is the HTC Scorpion a Nexus One-beater?

Although the Google Nexus One is barely a month old, it looks as though HTC has already got on with developing a bigger and better follow up, known only as the HTC Scorpion and so far mentioned only in rumours.

An anonymous tipster passed on a build file to news site Android Spin and though there is no way to check up on the legitimacy of the information, it does appear as if HTC is working on what could be an impressive new smartphone.

In amongst the code are mentions of a 1.5GHz processor and even version 2.2 of the Android platform, which pushes the Scorpion well beyond any of the current Android-based smartphones.

Given that Google seems to be set on constantly updating its software platforms and considering HTC's relationship with the search giant in the past, it would be foolish to dismiss the leaked documents outright.

However, every leak needs to be viewed objectively and even if the Scorpion is in development with the reported specifications, it's likely to be a long time before it actually emerges in a material form.

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