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Mobiles to replace cards and wallets

Mobiles to replace cards and wallets

All of the cards and cash that you typically find in your wallet or trouser pocket could be made obsolete by mobile phones by 2011, it has been predicted.

Juniper Research has published detailing just how much of our day to day lives will be incorporated into our mobile phones over the coming years.

Everything from air travel to cinema tickets could be transferred into a digital version embedded in your phone and text messages or applications could play a big part in the transition, the analysis firm forecasts.

Juniper Research's Howard Wilcox said that in four years' time about 15 billion tickets will be issued to mobile phones, which is many times more than the two billion that are predicted to be issued this year.

Mr Wilcox also said that while Europe is currently lagging behind Asia in terms of mobile tickets, this will apparently be reversed by the time 2014 rolls around.

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