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  5. MWC 2010: Acer phone line up revealed

MWC 2010: Acer phone line up revealed

MWC 2010: Acer phone line up revealed

Acer has used the Mobile World Conference to launch the Liquid e; a brand new Android-based smartphone that employs version 2.1 of Google's mobile operating system.

The original Liquid arrived in 2009 and had Android 1.6 with very little tweaking by Acer, but the Liquid e not only upgrades the software but also provide multitouch support via its 3.5 inch touchscreen with capacitive sensitivity.

Acer has also been showing off its new range of netbooks that offer both Windows and Android in a dual boot configuration.

The intention is to offer users quick access to basic software and web access via Android, along with the option to start up Windows if a more taxing task is required.

Acer also unveiled the neoTouch P400 smartphone - a Windows Mobile powered handset due for release in the summer.

At just 12 millimetres thick it is one of the sexier WinMo-based mobiles around and should feature version 6.5.3 for a more finger-friendly experience.

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