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  5. MWC 2010: HTC unveils trio of new smartphones

MWC 2010: HTC unveils trio of new smartphones

MWC 2010: HTC unveils trio of new smartphones

HTC has unveiled a trio of new high-end smartphones, of which two will “take the Android to the next level”.

The Legend and the Desire both feature impressively powerful processors for fast multi-tasking, the latest 2.1 iteration of Google’s Android operating system and an enhanced version of HTC’s exclusive Sense user interface. The UI offers users the chance to customise their handset to meet their needs.

The Legend is also home to a striking 3.2-inch AMOLED, HVGA multitouch display, a five megapixel camera and a 600MHz processor. Although similar in design to the HTC Hero, the Legend differs from HTC's biggest-selling Android phone through being fashioned from a single aluminium block with no joins.

Meanwhile, the Desire teams a 1GHz Snapdragon processor with a 3.7-inch touchscreen and a form factor in keeping with Google’s Nexus One. However, perhaps its key USP is support for Flash. This will enable users to enjoy a rich multi-media mobile internet experience, allowing them to watch videos and view animated webpages.

Finally, the HTC Mini HD is a slimmed down version of the media optimised HTC HD2. Packing Windows Mobile 6.5, the phone includes a 600Mhz processor and a five megapixel camera. However, unlike the original, which housed an industry-leading 4.3-inch display, the Mini HD 2 features a more modestly sized 3.2-inch screen.

All three phones allow owners to use them for tethering, whereby the handset effectively doubles as a mobile broadband dongle for getting online while on the move.

Peter Chou, Chief Executive of HTC, said: “At its essence, the mobile phone is the most personal item you have in your possession. HTC Sense was created to magnify your ability to create and define your own unique mobile experience.

“HTC Legend and HTC Desire take Android to another level in both substance with HTC Sense and style with HTC Legend’s revolutionary crafted aluminum uni-body design.”

Among UK networks, currently only Orange and Vodafone have confirmed plans to carry the upcoming mobiles. Orange will be offering the HTC Desire from April for free on selected consumer pay monthly and business price plans. Meanwhile, Vodafone hinted that it will be selling the handsets in “selected market across our footprint”.

HTC has been one of the most enthusiastic supporters of the Android platform and has been instrumental in bringing the Android phones to the mass market in the form of the hugely popular HTC Hero. The company also manufactured the Nexus One on behalf of Google as well as the early Android hit, the T-Mobile G1.

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