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  5. Nokia and LG consider augmented reality apps

Nokia and LG consider augmented reality apps

Nokia and LG consider augmented reality apps

Both LG and Nokia have been dropping strong hints that they will be adding in augmented reality applications and features to their upcoming smartphone releases.

Augmented reality is essentially a process which overlays the world around you with 3D displays and information in real time via your mobile phone.

In theory, pointing your phone's camera at an advert will provide more information about the featured product, or snapping a restaurant will display

When LG's Android-based LG-LU2300 smartphone arrives, augmented reality will be one of its key selling points. South Korean consumers will be getting the technology first in time for the summer of this year.

Nokia's Jo Harlow has disclosed that Ovi Maps could well be integrated into the augmented reality apps on future smartphones from the Finnish manufacturer.

Speaking to Nokia Conversations, Ms Harlow said: "What I get excited about and [what] you can see on the horizon are the types of things that really enhance the services that we're offering, the kinds of things that enhance the maps experience in the areas of augmented reality."

Nokia began working with researchers at the University of Southern California on augmented reality technology in 2009 and, as such, it is in a better position than most to bring out the first mobile phones offering these advanced features.

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